Hello people!

Welcome to my blog which I will be using to record all my Sims 4 simmies’ lives. I plan to play them on a freewill rotation as I did in Sims 2 and let them do there own thing where possible – get to know their personalities and retell how their lives go rather than write a scripted story. I found in Sims 2 this often resulted in some pretty crazy antics!

Much like everyone else, I have already created the two sims I want to use to start my hood and I have posted an intro to them which you will find here (and on the Sims forum).

It might take a while to get the first post up after the game releases as I won’t be starting with them straight away simply because I want to get a feel for how the game works – I don’t want to completely mess things up by, um, I don’t know, having one of them die from hysteria before their first kid arrives? That sounds about right.

Because I play a rotation other families will eventually be joining in so things may get a little complex and a little crazy but I hope the navigation tools at the top will help you stay orientated! For those who fancy some extra info, the top menu will take you to some back story for my founding Sims 2 family and how I play. There is also a bit about my simming history. I’ll be adding a family tree and updating the contents as I go and I’m open to any other suggestions you guys think would be helpful/fun so feel free to leave a comment and suggest something else Smile

Please come join me as I get to know these new sims and their (hopefully weird!) stories!


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Cosy Starter Master Bedroom

10-06-14_9-17 PM-3

Hey all!

It’s Monday so that means another room is up – this time I posted another starter room; a nice simple master bedroom. While this probably would go quite nicely with the living area I posted last week, the two actually don’t belong together. This is the master bedroom from the Taylor’s old house (Why yes, that does mean they’ve moved but we’ll get to that in story updates!)

Vital Stats for this room are as follows:

  • Room Type: Bedroom
  • Size: 4×5
  • Price: §3121
  • OriginID: sparklesim
  • #starter #cream #cosy #warm #comfy

Additional pics:

10-06-14_9-17 PM

10-06-14_9-17 PM-4

10-06-14_9-17 PM-2

Happy Simming!

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Rotation Days 8-22: Birthdays and Bad Boys

09-21-14_3-56 PM

And this guy above typifies the title – well ok, the birthday bit if not the bad boy, just don’t tell him he’s a sweetie, he likes to keep up the pretence. But I am getting a little ahead of myself – it’s not his birthday JUST yet!

So rotation days 8-22, in the days before multiple pregnancies (oooh spoilers!) messed up my nice neat rotation. Let’s go see what’s going on in the house:

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Long (ish) Time – No See

10-01-14_9-17 PM

Just popping in to say: I am still here! I am still playing! But unfortunately real life got in the way last week and I was working pretty much 15 hour days with only enough time to eat, sleep and travel and I had almost no simming time but on a plus I can relate to my sims so much better now with that constant need to keep your needs green and no time to do anything else!

I am making up for that this week though as I have some leave! While I haven’t yet posted any story update – I’ve just been too caught up playing – you can see the results of my play time on the family tree page. My rotation is now up to days 36-42 though I have run into a few problems – it still feels like some actions take way longer than they need to (showering and eating while socialising especially!) and it’s still a struggle to keep sims needs where they need to be for work and school without micromanaging (hate that!) so my free will play is not working so well at the moment. I’ve also had a couple of issues where pregnancy has stopped my female sims aging, Katya got stuck at the YA/adult age barrier and gained 1 day, fair enough, but Reid’s wife didn’t age a day through her whole pregnancy so where she used to be about 3 days younger than him, she’s now 7 which is slightly annoying. I also seem to have a problem with my townie pool of unplaced sims which keeps growing and growing and currently numbers 90 households!

On the plus side the rotation is working out great for autonomy: Katya and Anthony are always popping round autonomously so have amazing relationships with their grand kids while Robyn, Sienna and Reid are also always round each other’s houses so their relationships with each other are doing great when I was slightly worried they would tank once they moved out. I’m also beginning to see a little more of some of the townies families I have placed although it is taking time.

As a bit of an apology, as well as the sneaky peak above, I’ve also uploaded a new room to the gallery. I have been a bit frustrated with the lack of rooms available in the starter price range as I am likely to need quite a lot of them eventually. So before last week hit, I made a few little starter rooms – some of which have even turned themselves into homes!

The first room is Cream Starter Living:

10-03-14_3-40 PM-2

Vital Statistics

  • Room Type: Open plan kitchen/diner and living room (Search under living room on the gallery)
  • Size: 9×8
  • Price: §8,055
  • OriginID: sparklesim
  • #starter #yellow #white

Yeah I know, I could have been more inventive with the HashTags

10-03-14_3-41 PM

10-03-14_3-41 PM-2

10-03-14_3-41 PM-3


In case you are worried about the price, this room was built into a bungalow with a master bedroom, bathroom and kids room to make sure it fit within the starter house price range and came in just under 20k even with the kids room included.

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Loft Living – Open Plan

09-15-14_12-40 AM

So I promised it last week and its now ready for upload. Here is the open plan living area which sits below the loft living bedroom I uploaded last Monday.

Vital Statistics

  • Room Type: Open plan kitchen/Diner and living room (Search under kitchen on the gallery)
  • Size: 8×14
  • Price: §56,185
  • OriginID: Sparklesim
  • #loft #red #black #modern #industrial


Full view of kitchen:

09-09-14_11-30 PM

Closer in:

09-15-14_12-40 AM-3

09-15-14_12-41 AM

09-22-14_6-57 PM

The living area with TV and stereo:

09-22-14_6-49 PM

09-22-14_6-49 PM-2

09-15-14_12-41 AM-4

09-22-14_6-50 PM-2

Please note that the stairs shown in two of the above pictures do not upload with the room. Apparently they are just one of those items that doesn’t transfer (I guess because they link rooms?). I have therefore removed them from the room and instead there is a corridor with an archway leading to whatever you want it to lead to. The stairs can easily be added back though.

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Rotation Days 1-7: Getting to Know the Family

09-14-14_3-16 AM

Yes, this is what you think it is! The first “story” post is here. I say “story” because this is me recording what they do, I won’t be constructing a narrative but making comments on their personalities, finding out what they do, who they meet, what choices they make and hopefully all this will result in some funny activities (like my Sims 2 sims). So without further ado!

Warning! Long post ahoy!

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A Study in Contrast

09-18-14_11-17 PM

So first, sorry to those hoping this was the first story post. That is still coming this week. The pics are all taken, resized and brightened as needed I just need to write it but two very long days at work have got in the way. I needed to just relax a little this evening though so I decided to just plonk some walls down and see what I came up with, this is the result! It started out as a living room but it didn’t end that way. Also apologies for the build mode pictures – it’s almost midnight here and I REALLY need my bed!

The room is up on the gallery with the same title as this post: A Study in Contrast. Vitals are as follows:

  • Room Type: Study
  • Size: 5×6
  • Price: §8,605
  • OriginID: Sparklesim
  • #orange #aqua # modern #bright #colourful

A nice bright area for reading or just relaxing on the sofa.

09-18-14_11-17 PM-2

Write, study, research, or just mess around on simpedia and Sims Forever!

09-18-14_11-18 PM-2

I couldn’t find any wall are that actually matched the colour scheme so I got creative Smile

09-18-14_11-18 PM-3

I don’t think it’s half bad for half an hour just spent playing around after a 12 hour work day! Hope you also enjoy!

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Loft Living – Bedroom

09-15-14_7-09 PM

I’ve semi-officially decided Monday is going to be my room upload day (if and when I have rooms to upload!) This one has been hanging around in my game for a little less than a week, I had originally planned to upload last Monday but for various reasons decided not to.

This came about because I was thinking back over some of the rooms I had created and that I had seen others create in Sims 3. While this bares very little resemblance, it was inspired by a house made by Allium called The Warehouse. Rather than going for an outright warehouse conversion though, I was thinking more of a modern industrial unit converted into a loft style home. I particularly wanted a balcony bedroom and as you can see – I got one!

Vital Statistics

I have realised that on Spring Bedroom and En Suite, I completely forgot to include the vital statistics! I am sorry! I’ve been a little out of the building mind set for a good couple of years so am readjusting. Anyway, I have not forgotten for loft living and so the vitals are as follows:

  • Room Type: Um… really? OK, Bedroom, though also I guess sitting room and dressing room.
  • Size: 12×6
  • Price: §20, 548 – Sorry but you won’t be getting this in your starter home
  • OriginID: Sparklesim
  • #loft #red #black #modern #industrial

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