Meet the Taylors

So time to meet the sims who will be starting my hood. As I said these two came from my Sims 2 game, so I am including their Sims 2 reference pics. They also have 3 children in the Sims 2 (1 at uni and 2 teens when I stopped playing) however I haven’t yet decided if I want to recreate them or not, and it’s currently a non issue since I can’t create them even if I wanted to! If I do create them, it will be as 2 teens and a child.

Anyway, you don’t care about possibly non-existent children do you? You want to know about the existing sims! So I now present to you:

Anthony Taylor!

Anthony Taylor

Anthony in the Sims 2 was a Family/Knowledge sim with a 9, 9, 5, 7, 3 personality (for those of you who still remember what that means…. for those who don’t, it basically means he was a neat freak, outgoing, sort of active, rather playful meanie.) But in reality his personality was very different. He grew up in a beach side house which influenced both his personality and style – he was EXTREMELY laid back; if carefree had been a personality trait instead of a satisfaction trait, he would have had it! He was also very close to his 3 siblings, Jack, Lauren and Silvia and seemed to always look out for them. As a child I would often find him playing or hanging out with them. He had a large number of close friends and his meanness never seemed to express itself.  His Sims 4 personality is therefore:

  • Aspiration: Family (the big happy kind!)
  • Family orientated (What else?)
  • Cheerful (to try to capture that laid back attitude)
  • Love the Outdoors (what else for a sim raised by the coast?)



And his wife: Katya (Ekaterina) Taylor!

Ekaterina Taylor

Katya is Anthony’s soulmate. They’ve been together so long I actually forgot they’d ever dated other people as teens until I looked back through their pictures. Unlike Anthony, Katya can be driven when she wants to be, as a teen she set her sights on Anthony and no one else was going to get in her way. She maxed most skills despite not being knowledge and achieved top grades in everything (primary school, secondary school and uni!). In Sims 2 she was also a family sim but her secondary was popularity and her personality for those in the know was 6, 10, 3, 4, 3 (for those who never played 2, can’t leave you out! that means moderately neat, VERY outgoing, kinda lazy, slightly more serious than playful and slightly mean).  Like Anthony her meanness never showed itself and she had an easy time making friends – possibly due to the combination of her outgoing and serious aspects. She was the kid EVERYONE wanted to be friends with but who was nice to everyone back. However her closest friend was always her older brother Sergei – hence her primary aspiration!

Her personality in 4 is therefore:

  • Aspiration: Family (again the big loving kind)
  • Family orientated (well…. what else did you expect?)
  • Self Assured (because she knows she’s top dog!)
  • Outgoing (got to get that social in there somewhere!)

Aspirations Katya

As I said, I may yet create their kids, but I haven’t made up my mind. It will depend very much how much of a learning curve I want the game to have for me (it might be easier to start with 2 teens and a kid than have however many babies running around – knowing my luck these two would have triplets straight off the bat!)

Again for those who are interested in that sort of thing, I plan to post a little bit of their backstory using the pictures of them I have from Sims 2 (though not too much!) so if you are interested follow along either here or on the forums for updates. I hope to have that up in a couple of days and though I will be sitting jealously watching everyone else play the game from Tuesday!

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4 Responses to Meet the Taylors

  1. SimEve says:

    I’m so glad you’re coming back too! I bet Sims 4 will be great for legacies too.


  2. Simmerville says:

    Hello! I read about your project on the TS4 forum, and because I was also playing on rotation back then (actually I also did on TS3), I know exactly how you grew found of those two 🙂 Playing in game born sims and knowing their stories, really adds to this game 🙂 I’ll add your blog to my blogroll and check back later. Have fun!


    • simsparkle says:

      Yeah when I was reading about your hood I was so impressed to find another rotational player! I’m impressed you managed to play like that in sims 3 – I’d already lost interest in the game by the point they’d made that possible and I just found it too hard to get interested in their personalities because they just didn’t seem to have any, under those traits they were all the same person to me and I don’t like micro managing (which is my one main worry for Sims 4!) 😦


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