Hello people!

Welcome to my blog which I will be using to record all my Sims 4 simmies’ lives. I plan to play them on a freewill rotation as I did in Sims 2 and let them do there own thing where possible – get to know their personalities and retell how their lives go rather than write a scripted story. I found in Sims 2 this often resulted in some pretty crazy antics!

Much like everyone else, I have already created the two sims I want to use to start my hood and I have posted an intro to them which you will find here (and on the Sims forum).

It might take a while to get the first post up after the game releases as I won’t be starting with them straight away simply because I want to get a feel for how the game works – I don’t want to completely mess things up by, um, I don’t know, having one of them die from hysteria before their first kid arrives? That sounds about right.

Because I play a rotation other families will eventually be joining in so things may get a little complex and a little crazy but I hope the navigation tools at the top will help you stay orientated! For those who fancy some extra info, the top menu will take you to some back story for my founding Sims 2 family and how I play. There is also a bit about my simming history. I’ll be adding a family tree and updating the contents as I go and I’m open to any other suggestions you guys think would be helpful/fun so feel free to leave a comment and suggest something else Smile

Please come join me as I get to know these new sims and their (hopefully weird!) stories!


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