Growing Up the Taylor Way

[Apologies – this is a repost of the old post as the pictures became corrupted and wouldn’t show]

I didn’t want to get too carried away with the back story of Anthony and Katya as I can literally talk about my Sims 2 hood for hours but at least a couple of people have said they’d like to know a bit more about them. So here goes, a bit of backstory on how they grew up and met. I apologise for the quality of the pictures but this was about two computers ago when I couldn’t take high quality pictures (and Sims 2 snapshots were always small compared to 3 anyway). Also if you’re interested in some of the more general family back story you can find that here

Katya and Anthony were both born around the same time but are actually from different generations within the hood. Katya is actually a generation 5 sim while Anthony is generation 6 – when you get that far into a hood, the generations really start to overlap between the oldest in one family and the youngest in the next! Katya is also 4 days older. But they were both adorable toddlers – Anthony used to like dancing to the stereo (which was better than his brothers habbit of staring into the fishtank for hours on end!) While Katya was always daddy’s little girl and her father David doted on her (as did her older brother Sergei as you’ll see later).


Katya was always a very social little girl and the centre of their social group but that didn’t have any of the usual effects. She remained friendly and down to earth and always had time for everyone (little miss purple in the bottom right was the one you had to look out for).



And as I have said elsewhere her best friend was ALWAYS her older brother Sergei. They both adored each other and were very rarely seen apart. More often than not once they’d dealt with any skill or homework needs they were found hanging out with each other in the living room.



It wasn’t a surprise when Katya turned out to be a Family/Popularity sim and Anthony was even more a Family sim than his future wife. As a kid he was always joining his brother Jack at the creativity table.




As a teen nothing would please him more than to hang out with his youngest sister Silvia, even if she did ask him about the most awkward topics – Although scroll down and you’ll understand exactly why she’s asking!


And once his siblings grew up, nothing changed much except the activities – playing video games with Lauren was always an enlightening experience – but at least it meant he didn’t have to worry about those guys she liked to hang around with!


It’s not surprising that Silvia was asking about Anthony’s… cough cough… social activities? Nor that Lauren might perhaps have learnt from her older brother’s example. Yes he was a family sim but that means you have to branch out, experiment and find “the one” not just settle for the first person who comes along right? So Anthony was straight out the starting gate as soon as he grew up and for a while he did date Seren Hamilton (another family sim in case you were wondering!)

But by that point Katya had spotted Anthony and Katya decided she wanted Anthony, and while Katya is a nice girl, what Katya wants, Katya gets.

And come on, when you make best friends by kissing, that’s got to be a bit of a sign right?



Yes, Anthony actually kissed a girl twice! OMG! And while he is kinda laid back, there has to be that bit of an ego stroke having all these girls chasing after you…

And you just know that inside at this point, Katya’s just “OK girls, he’s mine now, back off!”



And if that didn’t get the message out, this certainly did! Anthony was officially off limits!




At least until he reached uni – cos you know, that whole relationship reset where teens can’t date young adults even if they’ve been in a relationship for… FOREVER because teens are 13 not 17 *sigh*.  So the other girls immediately started calling again but as you can see, this time Anthony wasn’t so keen to join in! And yeah, that’s Seren again in the bottom right, apparently she didn’t quite learn her lessons from last time.


So again, Katya had to show them all why Anthony was a no go area. She is quite a force to be reckoned with you know… I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with her, nice girl or not – these family sims get possessive you know! 




And eventually Katya realised that Anthony was maybe just a little too laid back (or maybe just uncertain?) to take that final step and so she decided to take the initiative and get a little bit non-traditional.



Their wedding however was anything except non-traditional. Being amongst the oldest families in the hood, the Taylors had one of those advantages that often comes of such situations: MONEY! And they went all out on the wedding of these two. Hired an outdoor location, invited the entire family and +1s, all their friends, and even some passers by off the street were invited in.

The wedding had everything you could want: The vows, the kiss, the cake and the older brother who threatens to kill the groom if he hurts his little sister.

It also had the dad dancing, the drunk dancing, the drunk relative pretending to DJ and the family bust ups! But a good day was had by all, Katya finally replaced LeTourneau for Taylor and everyone was ready for the next generation! The next generations of sims in the Sims 4!

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