Spring Bedroom and En Suite Bathroom

Just a very quick update! No, no story yet I am afraid but I am enjoying the game and have decided to go ahead with adding Anthony and Katya’s kids to the mix. I’ve already used the genetics system to create them and set their personalities, just need to get their clothes sorted. I’ll post an intro to them over the next week. For the moment, still using a tester family to make sure I have a decent-ish understanding of the game before I go ahead and start them – and glad I did, cos a couple of things have already baffled me!

But in the mean time, I was taking a snoopy look around the other empty houses in Willow Creek. Wanted to see what Maxis had given us for defaults so I know how much redesigning I might need to do and I was actually pleasantly surprised by at least some of the houses I looked at. Then I decided to take a look in the Spencer-Kim-Lewis household and came across that rather amazing looking cabinet in their dinning room – I was perplexed how to create this! So a quick word with a friend, she explained it all to me and I got a fabulous idea for a bedroom using those upper kitchen cabinets (yes, you read that right!). I ended up experimenting in the middle of my tester’s living room, which looked a bit strange, so after moving to an empty lot, a room (or indeed twin rooms if you will) were born! Please meet: Spring Bedroom

09-07-14_11-00 PM

09-08-14_12-09 AM

See – Kitchen cabinets also work as built in wardrobes!  I’m not as mad as you think I am Smile

And its sibling: Spring En Suite Bathroom

09-08-14_12-02 AM

Apologies for the walls down picture but it’s a bit difficult to get a decent picture in there!

Both are available to download from the gallery under my OriginID: sparklesim or by searching the hash tags #contemporary #green #relaxing – there is NoCC in these rooms.

Planning to use these in one of my hood houses as I really like them!

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