Taylor Made Children

I said earlier in the week that I had decided to go ahead and make Anthony and Katya’s three kids for the Sims 4. I also said I would put a post up about them during the week – well the week is now half way through so here is your post!

Rather than creating the kids from scratch, I decided to use the genetics button to see if I could get close approximations, Robyn and Sienna are really not far away from their Sims 2 versions (although as they weren’t yet adults, I’m afraid I have no Sims 2 comparison pic to show you). Reid is a different story however, as most of my Sims 2 time was spent with him as a child and he’d barely just turned teen when my playing stopped, I don’t have a lot to go on with his features. Instead I just rolled until I came across something that looked correct with Robyn and Sienna. So everything you see below for these 3 is CAS genetics at work (with the exception of Sienna’s hair which I’ll explain.)

In my Sims 2 hood, Anthony and Katya had 3 children, Robyn, Sienna and Reid. At the time I stopped playing my simmies, Robyn was just off to uni and the other two were teens however I most remember them as two teens and a child so that’s what I am going with. Let me introduce:

Robyn Taylor:


In my old game Robyn was quite a character. She inherited her mum’s confidence and self assurance but paired it with her dad’s laid back attitude. She’s her own girl and likes to show it in every way possible – she don’t care what you think about her. Her personality was 9, 10, 6, 6, 3 making her a very neat, outgoing, mean person who didn’t hate but didn’t like exercise and was neither overly playful nor overly serious – though like her parents, her mean side never really showed itself. She was well liked by the other teens but so laid back that she didn’t really care about trying to climb the social ladder, otherwise her vast number of friends would have made her a default pop sim. Instead she showed herself to be a knowledge sim and a bit of a geek, wanting to be a game designer, so her personality in Sim 4 is:

Aspiration: Knowledge – Computer Whiz

Traits: Self Assured and Geek

Sienna Taylor:


Sienna almost shares a personality point spread with her older sister (hers is 9, 10, 6, 7, 3 – so only one point different) and her personality is quite similar – she’s also very self assured and confident in social situations however she puts a little more importance on her relationships, particularly her family, I guess she inherited that from her parents. She and Robyn were thick as thieves growing up and she also doted on her younger brother, Reid, being much closer to him than Robyn ever was.

I also admit that I had to cheat her hair colour. In Sims 2 Sienna was a natural red head (and as it was why she was named Sienna I wasn’t going to give this up) but with two default CAS parents that wasn’t possible so it has been altered to be correct for her sim. Her personality is:

Aspiration: Family – Big Happy Family

Traits: Neat, Outgoing

Reid Taylor:


Reid is the youngest and a bit of a prankster, the joker of the family. He loved nothing more than cracking a joke or a prank on any unsuspecting person but everyone adored him for it – benefits of being the youngest in the family I guess. He’s not quite adapted to the fact that his family no longer lives in their huge 4 bedroom beachside home and is still dressed for the coast as, like his Dad, he was always a bit of a beachy type.

Aspiration: Social Butterfly (Will become Popularity – Joke Star on turning teen unless my game takes an unexpected turn).

Trait: Goofball.

So I hope you like the kids, I am extremely pleased with what the Sims 4 genetics machine gave me, even if it does appear that properly working colour genetics have not made a return. I hopefully don’t have too much more testing to do before I dump this lot in a hood and start playing them. My tester family are just onto Gen 3. I very much micromanaged my way through my starter sim and Gen 2 so I am keen to see what Gen 3 can do with a bit more free will and so far it’s rather interesting. I’m also really pleased to see the sims personalities are different between my generations and individuals again!

I plan to at least get Gen 3 to elder before moving onto my proper hood and starting the Taylors, just to give myself a bit more experience with kids and teens but with any luck that won’t take too much longer. As long as I can stop myself being distracted by building!

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One Response to Taylor Made Children

  1. Simmerville says:

    This is cool, love how you know your TS2 sims well, and bring on their features to TS4 🙂 Looking forward to posts about their everyday life 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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