Loft Living – Bedroom

09-15-14_7-09 PM

I’ve semi-officially decided Monday is going to be my room upload day (if and when I have rooms to upload!) This one has been hanging around in my game for a little less than a week, I had originally planned to upload last Monday but for various reasons decided not to.

This came about because I was thinking back over some of the rooms I had created and that I had seen others create in Sims 3. While this bares very little resemblance, it was inspired by a house made by Allium called The Warehouse. Rather than going for an outright warehouse conversion though, I was thinking more of a modern industrial unit converted into a loft style home. I particularly wanted a balcony bedroom and as you can see – I got one!

Vital Statistics

I have realised that on Spring Bedroom and En Suite, I completely forgot to include the vital statistics! I am sorry! I’ve been a little out of the building mind set for a good couple of years so am readjusting. Anyway, I have not forgotten for loft living and so the vitals are as follows:

  • Room Type: Um… really? OK, Bedroom, though also I guess sitting room and dressing room.
  • Size: 12×6
  • Price: §20, 548 – Sorry but you won’t be getting this in your starter home
  • OriginID: Sparklesim
  • #loft #red #black #modern #industrial


So now the pictures (I know that’s what you REALLY want… who wants to read when there are pretties to look at!) Pictures below are unadjusted in Photoshop though you will notice changes in the lighting as some were taken during the day and some at night – personally I prefer the night shots. Be prepared for lots of bed pics!

Main sleeping area:

09-09-14_1-13 AM

Bed pic from the other directions with dressing area:

09-15-14_7-09 PM

TV and Shoe storage!

09-09-14_1-13 AM-2

Separate seating area

09-09-14_1-27 AM

Long shot with bookcase:

09-15-14_12-36 AM

Long view (and please note the hardest shot to get thanks to dumb column fading!)

09-09-14_1-28 AM

Relax area next to bed:

09-15-14_12-37 AM-2

And last the reading area next to the seating:

09-15-14_12-38 AM

I know you want an overhead so here you go – quick layout pic. Do please note that the stairs will not transfer with the room (I don’t think there is a way to transfer stairs cos saving the downstairs room which includes them also resulted in no stair case). You will need to add them manually after placement but this should not be a problem.

09-09-14_1-31 AM

Last of all, a full view of the room and oh my, what’s that down in the bottom right corner?! Yep… I got a bit carried away and what started out as a room upload might perhaps have also spawned an open plan kitchen/living room and a bathroom. I am planning to upload these at a later date once they are truly finished and I’m happy with them. I also have one further room I could furnish but am still deciding what to put in there as a kids room doesn’t quite feel right in this build.

09-15-14_12-44 AM

One last quick note – I’m giving up being fancy with my picture layouts. Every time I try to do something cool, Live Writer tells me it will upload ok and then WordPress messes it up on upload and I have to frantically work out how to save everything when I don’t have half the tools available to me. I’m not happy about it but I am not sure how to solve it other than changing my template and I have yet to find another one I like as much as this one and which has all the features I want. If I had a choice, I would take the one from my Sims 3 build blog but apparently it isn’t available any more Sad smile

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2 Responses to Loft Living – Bedroom

  1. linday says:

    You already know I love this since you gave me a sneak preview, but I am impressed with how well all of this works together (yes, this is the TS4-no CASt-sceptical linds speaking). Is it just me, or do you now only need three free tiles open above the stairs in comparison to four in the previous games? If so, that is an improvement I like a lot!


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