A Study in Contrast

09-18-14_11-17 PM

So first, sorry to those hoping this was the first story post. That is still coming this week. The pics are all taken, resized and brightened as needed I just need to write it but two very long days at work have got in the way. I needed to just relax a little this evening though so I decided to just plonk some walls down and see what I came up with, this is the result! It started out as a living room but it didn’t end that way. Also apologies for the build mode pictures – it’s almost midnight here and I REALLY need my bed!

The room is up on the gallery with the same title as this post: A Study in Contrast. Vitals are as follows:

  • Room Type: Study
  • Size: 5×6
  • Price: §8,605
  • OriginID: Sparklesim
  • #orange #aqua # modern #bright #colourful

A nice bright area for reading or just relaxing on the sofa.

09-18-14_11-17 PM-2

Write, study, research, or just mess around on simpedia and Sims Forever!

09-18-14_11-18 PM-2

I couldn’t find any wall are that actually matched the colour scheme so I got creative Smile

09-18-14_11-18 PM-3

I don’t think it’s half bad for half an hour just spent playing around after a 12 hour work day! Hope you also enjoy!

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