Rotation Days 1-7: Getting to Know the Family

09-14-14_3-16 AM

Yes, this is what you think it is! The first “story” post is here. I say “story” because this is me recording what they do, I won’t be constructing a narrative but making comments on their personalities, finding out what they do, who they meet, what choices they make and hopefully all this will result in some funny activities (like my Sims 2 sims). So without further ado!

Warning! Long post ahoy!

For anyone who hasn’t been following the blog so far, I am going straight into the family with no intros. This is because they are posted elsewhere. So if you want to know about Anthony and Katya, click here, if you want to know about the kids, click here, and if you want to know about the house, click here. More background on their Sims 2 family and family tree is available in the links in the menu at the top of the page. Please forgive me the big pictures, I like people to be able to see what I am posting without having to click for enlargement. Also note many of these pictures have been brightened in Photoshop – I am still experiment with this so sorry if any seem a bit too bright to you.

Now here we go!

09-14-14_3-17 AM

First thing to do when you’ve just moved into a house that’s used up all by §63 of your family savings is of course to get a job. Or at least that’s what she’s pretending to do as apparently Katya didn’t want to meet Ms Caliente so went to hang out on the computer instead. Meanwhile outside, Reid doesn’t seem too impressed with his Dad’s social skills. He decided to show him how it was done and schmoozed away the afternoon.

09-14-14_3-17 AM-2

09-14-14_3-18 2 PM



Anthony decided to give up on embarrassing his son  and the social pressures of impressing a Caliente – even if it was the mother and not the, how to put this politely? money grabbing sisters. Luckily Anthony has no money to grab so he’s safe.





He decided some fresh fish would help with his new culinary career and got lucky with a nice big catch…





Or not – I guess you can eat seaweed if you cook it right… right?




Meanwhile, Robyn is busy proving herself a proper teenager – look at that face! “Oh yeah I look good!” And don’t you know it Robyn, don’t you know it!

09-14-14_3-19 AM

These guys were always a close family, I guess that comes from having 3 family sims living together but its still so cool to see them auto hugging each other all the time – at least it is cool unless it turns out that ALL sims do that ALL the time … we shall see!

09-14-14_3-20 AM

So uh… this below is the sims who has decided to start stalking my sims family. I guess she is the Sims 4 version of the stalker caller from Sims 2 who used to phone you EVERY DAY until you gave in and moved them in or they died. I think she might be Reid’s fault, he spent the whole of his first afternoon introducing himself to every sim who walked past the house. Yes, I think we’ll go with blaming the 7 year old!

09-14-14_3-28 PM

09-14-14_3-31 AM

“And that son is what happened when Pink Panda made a friend!” – being a family sim, Anthony wants to read to his children so Reid (pun not indented) must suffer through his father reading him his mother’s new stories, which are perhaps, not as good as they could be given her lack of writing skill.

NB: At the time of writing the Pink Panda Children’s Series is currently available from SimSelf Publishing Inc. Current titles available:

  • Pink Panda Makes a Friend
  • Pink Panda Goes to the Zoo
  • Pink Panda Goes to the Park
  • Pink Panda Takes a Nap

09-14-14_3-32 2 AM

Robyn however is waaaaaaaay too cool for Pink Panda! As I said, she’s her own self and she knows it (she also likes to admire her own self, check her own self out and take own selfies but I guess we can forgive her a little bit of vanity!)

Miss Stalker has become fast friends with Reid (am I sensing a future partner in the making?!?!?!?) but she sure has some weird ways of helping him with his homework – I’m not an expert but I really don’t think scolding him is going to help Miss Stalker dear (and it also makes the idea of you being his future partner just a little itty bit creepy!)

09-14-14_3-45 AM

09-14-14_15-25 2 PM

Anthony is a bit of an odd creature but then I did say he was laid back – so laid back that apparently he’s happy even when the big one gets away – unlike his eldest daughter who looks just a little disappointed and confused – Don’t you just want to pinch her cheek and tell her it will be ok?

Mr Social Butterfly also found himself in a slightly awkward situation on first encountering a certain Goth. Apparently Alexander doesn’t appreciate funny introductions, or jokes, or anything amusing really!

09-14-14_15-26 PM

09-14-14_15-34 PM

“But I haven’t got any make up on!” Yeah Robyn, that’s not all you don’t have on! You seem to be taking after your Dad in more ways than one and yes, we did all see you drop the seasoning in the bowl, don’t bother denying it.

09-14-14_15-36 PM

The family that studies together, stays together! I’m sure that’s how the saying goes.

Robyn and Anthony, but especially Anthony, seem to have decided to take up not wearing clothes as often as possible. I really don’t think cooking with no clothes on is a good idea but Anthony disagrees so Katya decided to show him how it’s done.

09-14-14_15-50 2 PM

09-14-14_15-52 PM-2

Besotted much. Doesn’t his face just scream adoration? I guess this is what happens when you semi naked cook together.

09-14-14_15-58 PM

“If I just keep studying my homework, Dad will go and put some clothes on!” You just keep telling yourself that Sienna.

09-14-14_16-17 PM

At least this kinda makes sense! Although the naked thing is still kinda extreme even for Mr Laid Back.

Luckily he does at least put clothes on to go outside. This is how he spends most of his early mornings once he gets back from work. A nice spot of peaceful moonlight fishing.

09-14-14_16-26 PM

Meanwhile Katya is getting equally excited about her work – I guess maybe Pink Panda got married? Or maybe he just met Blue Bear – not sure.

09-14-14_15-55 PM

Meanwhile Reid has run out of people to pester and is hiding from his Dad’s reading whims. So instead he’s tormenting Mr Drogo (yes, I renamed him).

09-14-14_16-02 2 PM

Mr Drogo really doesn’t look bothered though, in fact he looks fast asleep. Not sure how you get social from a sleeping toy dino?

While Reid trolls a stuff dinosaur, Robyn is trolling teh forums. Her mother does it too. But then Robyn also doesn’t deal well mood wise at school – she always comes home feeling absolutely awful, tense and angry so she does need some way to let off steam.

09-14-14_16-38 PM

09-16-14_19-20 PM

[moan] Do you believe this is the house of a neat sim? Yeah, me neither. I am beginning to think they coded neat sims so they can’t autonomously clean and I’m sorry but WHAT THE?! is that all about? Sienna is miserable but won’t do anything about it unless I tell her to and won’t roll any cleaning whims so what exactly does this trait do? [/moan]

09-16-14_19-33 PM

09-16-14_19-45 PM

So after the first week of failing to juggle school, skilling, fun and homework I decided it was time the Taylors ventured out for the day and where better than the local park, or so I thought!

Believe it or not, Sienna is actually being really nice here. Yes, she looks menacing and evil but I promise you she really isn’t. She’s such a sweetie and telling some kind of story I believe.

09-16-14_19-47 PM

See, she’s playing with Reid and sharing jokes with Robyn…. speaking of whom

09-16-14_19-48 PM

Robyn is really the one you need to watch. She’s developed a bit of an attitude since she moved from Huntingdon. I guess it’s losing her friends and cousins? But yeah, the old guy got the brunt of her mean introduction. Unsurprisingly he wasn’t impressed but I think Robyn should start practising those poses!

09-16-14_19-48 PM-2

And she spent the whole afternoon at the part showing off that attitude, though this woman seemed to dig it and she and Robyn got on like a house on fire.

09-16-14_19-53 PM

09-16-14_19-55 PM

Whoa! Feel the waves of anger: Apparently not all old ladies are the lovely type that Robyn met and Katya encountered a particularly mean and evil old townie woman that put her in a horribly angry mood for the rest of the day. Don’t know about you but I’m not messing with her! I think this might be a good place to leave the Taylors for the week – we can give Katya some cooling down time!

But before we go, a quick safety announcement – if you have a BBQ (or I guess a grill to you Americans and a barbie to our Aussie friends) and it’s spewing this much smoke, please do not stick your head in it!!!!!!!

09-16-14_20-00 PM

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