Loft Living – Open Plan

09-15-14_12-40 AM

So I promised it last week and its now ready for upload. Here is the open plan living area which sits below the loft living bedroom I uploaded last Monday.

Vital Statistics

  • Room Type: Open plan kitchen/Diner and living room (Search under kitchen on the gallery)
  • Size: 8×14
  • Price: §56,185
  • OriginID: Sparklesim
  • #loft #red #black #modern #industrial


Full view of kitchen:

09-09-14_11-30 PM

Closer in:

09-15-14_12-40 AM-3

09-15-14_12-41 AM

09-22-14_6-57 PM

The living area with TV and stereo:

09-22-14_6-49 PM

09-22-14_6-49 PM-2

09-15-14_12-41 AM-4

09-22-14_6-50 PM-2

Please note that the stairs shown in two of the above pictures do not upload with the room. Apparently they are just one of those items that doesn’t transfer (I guess because they link rooms?). I have therefore removed them from the room and instead there is a corridor with an archway leading to whatever you want it to lead to. The stairs can easily be added back though.

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