Rotation Days 8-22: Birthdays and Bad Boys

09-21-14_3-56 PM

And this guy above typifies the title – well ok, the birthday bit if not the bad boy, just don’t tell him he’s a sweetie, he likes to keep up the pretence. But I am getting a little ahead of myself – it’s not his birthday JUST yet!

So rotation days 8-22, in the days before multiple pregnancies (oooh spoilers!) messed up my nice neat rotation. Let’s go see what’s going on in the house:

09-16-14_8-10 PM

Here we can observe the neatfreak sim in their natural environment and witness first hand how they deal with the inner turmoil of the dirty dish:

“Calm down, calm down, it will go away eventually… stay calm and just keep doing your homework.”

“You know you could just clear it away, you are meant to be the neat sister in this house.”

“Robyn, are you mad? Clean it awa…. you know I can’t clean when I am uncomfortable! I can only autonomously clean when I am completely happy.”

“And what is making you uncomfortable?”

“Well this dirty dish of course!”

*Robyn rolls her eyes and continues to troll hte forums*

09-16-14_8-10 PM-2

Meanwhile Mr ‘Social Butterfly’ Reid is well…. I know sims can multitask but I thought such things were generally frowned upon? Reading a book is one thing but….. I’m just glad he’s not on the phone to me!

Robyn managed to solve Sienna’s problem – did she clean the dish away? Of course not, they just started studying in their bedroom instead *facepalm* But Robyn still has the coolest facial expressions so I can forgive them.

09-21-14_1-12 PM

09-21-14_1-33 PM

Sims playing sims playing sims playing….. dance machine?!?!? Well that just ruins everything *dark blue background*

When he’s not playing on the computer, Anthony still goes fishing in the early hours after work and he can even catch things now so the house has a steady supply of fish – they pretty much eat nothing but fish tacos.

09-21-14_1-34 PM



This look from Sienna can only mean one thing: “Did I just see what I never ever ever wanted to see my parents doing?”

I think your embarrassed “I want to scrub my eyes out” moodlet says DING! Although….

09-21-14_1-42 PM

09-21-14_1-43 PM

“And there was really nothing wrong? Cos my yellow moodlet says I performed poorly?”

“Don’t listen to your moodlets Katya darling, my bright green moodlet says I am perfectly satisfied!”

“Well, if you are sure?” “My moodlets are sure, now come here!” *hearts go flying again*

09-21-14_2-27 PM

Later that evening, it was party time for the little boy in the house. The cake was decorated, the guests were invited, the sparkles sparkled and Reid turned into….

09-21-14_2-27 PM-2

A black haired version of Sam from Supernatural?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? Katya was stoked, Zoe was overcome that her future hubby didn’t turn out too bad after all and Robyn just continued eating – what’s another birthday when you just had 2 anyway? 

I also regret to announce that thanks to his amazingly awful choice of headgear, the townie in the background has now been culled from Willow Creek. Please join me in mourning his passing – now moving on!

This was a bad day for sim waist lines everywhere: With three sims growing up (Robyn and Sienna were also birthday girls) there was a lot of cake to go around. If you thought Sienna had a problem with one dish, you should have seen her after the party – under siege!

09-21-14_2-33 PM

And sims growing up meant it was time for Sienna and Robyn to move into their own place, they said it was so they couldn’t be stiffled by their parents, I said it was because I needed more time for them to get out and meet guys – So I guess they were right.

09-21-14_2-40 PM

“It’s trying to eat me!”

Sienna isn’t the only one with problems.

09-21-14_2-55 PM

The fact the girls have moved out apparently now just gives Anthony even more places to go when not fully dressed. I swear he thinks he has the insane trait.

09-21-14_2-55 PM-2

Which this guy actually does! Meet Asher Dye. Asher loves the outdoors and is kinda childish (which goes nicely with his successful lineage family aspiration – kinda) but he’s also slightly…. nuts! It didn’t seem to matter though. Sienna took the time out on their first day to go get to know all the new neighbours in Oasis Springs and this guy most definitely caught her eye.

09-21-14_2-59 PM

The real social butterfly Reid however is still having problems with a certain Goth – except now it’s every one else who is unimpressed by him. Don’t those expressions just say “Really? You think the fact your mother’s been abducted again is NEWS?”

09-21-14_3-51 PM

Luckily not all the Goths are quite so difficult to get along with. For a long time it looked like these two might get it together but then unfortunately the daily grind of school, homework, skilling, aspiration and needs got in the way and they barely saw each other again.

Newsflash: This simmer has learn that aspirations really don’t mean that much at the moment, especially with many reward traits being broken or worse – borking your game – and focus on aspiration is likely to be less in future meaning more time for socialising and romance!

09-21-14_3-57 PM

09-30-14_16-56 PM


“So, um, ah, speaking of romance sis…. um, what’s this woohoo thing I keep hearing about you walking in on?”

09-21-14_18-18 PM

“Oh Reid, it’s so simple!”

09-21-14_18-26 PM

“First your parents decide to go on a date – cos your dad’s got this new soulmate aspiration.”

09-21-14_18-30 PM

“Then they get all flirty at the club and decide to bring it home with them”

09-30-14_16-50 PM

“Next their kids walk in on them while the hearts are flying!”

09-30-14_17-39 PM

“Then mum gets really sick and uncomfortable and her belly gets the size of a whale for about 5 days.”

09-30-14_16-52 PM

“At the same time Dad does a really good job of hiding his delight about the impending birth of a child he rolled a whim for!”

09-30-14_17-33 PM

“And last of all mum passes out before giving birth to a baby when our simmer is busy playing another lot even though all aging is off. See it’s really simple.”

09-21-14_18-17 PM

“Ah well if that’s it, sounds like a breeze!”

Yeah Reid, totally, a complete breeze *mumbles under breath about the weird ways aging works in this game*. Anyway, the result was that Juliet joined the family and of course I have no pictures because I was playing Sienna and Robyn when she was born. Though she was very very quickly renamed to Darcey at the first available opportunity.


09-21-14_18-47 PM-2

“And your amazing clothed Dad has come to visit at your request! Aren’t you astounded by the amazingness of this amazing cloth covering your amazing dad?!”

“Hey, Sienna want to try out that new loung down the road?”

“Yeah sure!” *both get up and leave*

“Not me, uh uh, I didn’t do it! Must have been one of those two daughters of mine….”

09-21-14_19-05 PM

09-21-14_19-05 PM-2

Luckily amazing naked Anthony comes to the rescue and saves their still relatively new house from a fate worse than… well nothing since there is still no afterlife in this game at this point.

Embarrassment, what embarrassment?! Sienna, Katya, Cass and Zoe laugh in the face of your yellow moodlets – If you thought bathroom parties had gone the way of pools and toddlers you are very much mistaken!

09-30-14_16-57 PM

As I stated all the way back in August, Reid was always going to end up with the Joke Star aspiration. He’s also planning to go into the Entertainment career so taking up a bit of guitar seemed sensible – I believe this is also some sort of teenage boy right of passage too so there is that.

09-30-14_17-30 PM

GOOPSTER! – No other comment is necessary

09-30-14_17-55 PM-2

(you Sim 2 players know what I’m talking about)!


09-30-14_18-33 PM

Sienna kinda doesn’t get that flirting with your boyfriend in your sister’s bedroom is just kinda…. not right even if your boyfriend is insane and childish.

09-30-14_18-18 PM

Luckily they moved it to her room before anything got too serious…

“What do you mean? I’m just looking for Chomy the Monsta!”

That’s really not a nice way to talk about your girlfriend!

09-30-14_18-35 PM

09-30-14_18-21 PM

Meanwhile downtown (!) Robyn was bonding with a bro called Andy Tellez over her complete dislike of the Calientes. She’s never met the Calientes but Robyn could never bring herself to like a woman who dresses like that! And Andy was throwing off this bad guy vibe that’s a magnet to a girl like Robyn – moth to a flame she was, moth to a flame.

09-30-14_18-24 PM

09-30-14_18-26 PM-2

Romance blossomed and if the surprised look on Andy’s face says he wasn’t quite expecting his night to end with a long term girlfriend, it was nothing to the look on my face when I discovered his evil trait: the flame that’s gonna singe the moths wings.

Not long to be outdone by Robyn, Sienna decided she needed to take her relationship with Asher to the next level. Somehow the idea of her proposing to an insane child in the body of an adult just doesn’t creep me out the way I am sure it should… ah well.

09-30-14_18-39 PM

09-30-14_18-56 PM-2

09-30-14_18-56 PM-3

09-30-14_19-02 PM

How else would you want to spend your honey moon than in your sleepwear kissing a guy in bunny slippers?!

And as for Robyn – well, a big wedding just wasn’t really her style… and as for how this relationship will play out – I leave that for next time!

09-30-14_19-14 PM-2

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