About Sparkle

Otherwise known as ME!


So I’ve been known as Sparkle since I signed up to the Sims 3 forum though you may also see some friends call me Lexi from my Guild Wars 2 name. I had a different username on Sims 2 but I decided I didn’t like it for Sims 3 so I’m not going to mention it now.

My usernames for various sites connected to sims are:

  • Sims 4 forum: Sparkle
  • Origin: sparklesim
  • Twitter: @uk_sparkle
  • Facebook: Sparkle Sim

I am known amongst my simming friends for having blue hair, multiple personalities (all with their own names – Gleam and Glitter are especially fun!) and wearing 10 inch heels (truly!). They are normally disappointed when they find out there is no blue hair (but I wish there was) and it’s only 5 inch heels!

I have played Sims 1, 2 and 3 but my passion was Sims 2. I played only the base game, we never got the expansions but I liked trying to create people I knew in the game. The fun wore off though when my friend’s dad spontaneously died (!) for no reason that I could work out – that may well be what put me off playing again (I was about 12!). Sims 2 came out when I was at uni, oddly it was the friend who’s in game father died that told me about all the new features including aging and genetics. This was a game I wanted and I religiously bought every EP and all the SPs when they started coming out. I stalked the forums (though didn’t really speak), started numerous legacies including one that I published to the Sims 2 exchange and was moderately popular. In the end when not playing my game I ended up following various well know sims 2 legacy stories.

I didn’t build much except out of necessity. I think I uploaded a couple of houses I’d done based on real life floor plans but nothing too serious. Once I started the Hamilton’s I mainly built out of necessity, although I did occasionally get some decent ideas and created some, I would say, nice but heavily CC’d houses for my richer sims. The Ikea SP ended up being a great help for those poor sims straight out of CAS and when I initially joined the ranks of the CC lovers I went ultra realistic but I found as time went on that I really came to love the Maxis basics and so gradually drifted back to Maxis match items, especially additional skin tones and furniture.

Then Sims 3 came along – going to be upfront here, I am not a Sims 3 fan! As you this site should show, I have always been a Sims player before I have been a builder or creator, except perhaps in terms of story making for my own delight. I had originally intended to recreate a couple from the Hamiltons in Sims 3 and start writing their stories, as a number of friends were very interested in what they got up to. However I quickly ran into two problems: I couldn’t accurately recreate them in the Sims 3 CAS and the play style I relied on while playing Huntingdon was clearly not going to work in the Sims 3 where it seemed like, left to their own devices, most sims were the same under all the new moodlets and traits. I got bored… very bored and the only thing that stopped me giving up the game completely before EP1 was the new CASt and Build mode tools. I took to building houses and you can find my creations at http://sparkleuk.wordpress.com/ if you fancy a look.

Even then things headed south after a year or so, I got fed up shelling out the cash to buy EPs that never seemed to add new floor or wall templates and barely any furniture while EA asked us to pay 4 times the value for store content. The exchange went belly up and 6 months later still hadn’t been fixed and last of all, I got down about the quality of the builds I was creating compared to everyone else who seemed to be excelling in leaps and bounds.

I needed a sims break: I took one. I returned to sims 2 and instantly fell in love with all my characters again. I didn’t come back to Sims 3 until my computer broke and then only because I had no other option. With the arrival of Widows 7 and a graphics card so new that Sims 2 wouldn’t recognise it, I sadly realised my Sims 2 playing days were done, saved them all to my external drive just in case and bought the new Sims 3 EPs on cut price deals to at least give them a try. That lasted all of 2 weeks before the old feelings started sinking in and I instead moved to a completely different game: Guild Wars 2.

Well now, I want to give it another try. I am back for 4! So far it sounds like this might work to combine my play style with some of the improvements from Sims 3. I will say now that while I will miss pools and terrain manipulation, I am kinda happy to see the back of toddlers (although I admit that may be because I didn’t play 3 long enough for them to be interesting). I just found them to be too demanding and too much hard work compared to their sims 2 equivalents – I play for fun! I am not sad to see the back of CASt given that even my top of the range comp had problems rendering fully CASted houses and hoods but I would like to see more attention given to colour matching in game given this (maxis match recolours are going to be a must again but I don’t mind that).

I’m already a fan of Sims 4 CAS although I would like a little more control over some aspects of the face. I have never been able to create decent looking sims but faffing around in the new CAS seems to make it so easy and I could see myself getting lost in there creating sims just for the hell of it.

My one main concern at the moment is how personality works. It always felt to me that the Sims 2 points system lent itself much better to nuanced personality than the sims 3 trait system. My ideal situation would be to combine them, a base personality defined by a point spread (come on, you aren’t either a slob, neutral or neat, there are areas between those!) and also the traits themselves. I’d even extend it to say talents (e.g. creative) and interests (e.g. bookworm) should exist in the own categories. But anyway, getting off topic… Basically just finishing by saying I am looking forward to Sims 4, so far I like what I see but I am anxious about some aspects and how they will actually play out in game.

So if you want to join me for a ride through the Sims 4 version of the Hamiltons (now called the Taylors!) then sign up, all my relevant user names are above if you want to look me up elsewhere.



I love getting your feedback, comments and encouragement so please go ahead and say something :)

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