The Last of the Preparations*


Any of you who have been following this site for the last month or so are probably wondering when exactly I am going to get around to the first posts dealing with the Taylors. The answer: this week! 

I spent yesterday evening building the Taylors’ house and was so pleased with how it turned out, I had to test it out straight away and see what they got up to. So far, I’m quite impressed; Robyn is still very much a character, Reid is a true social butterfly (although Alexander might not agree!), Sienna still adores Reid, is besties with her sister and kind of a sweetie, Katya is exuding quiet confidence despite their meagre beginnings and Anthony…. well, as you’ll see later in the post, has been making himself right at home! The whole family also seems to be getting in on Reid’s comedy act.

In order to get some things out of the way before the first real post, I wanted to provide a quick update on a few things, including the newly updated family tree page, the house and my opinion of the game. With apologies, this is going to be quite a long post so I am making use of the “read more here” tool – that and I just really want to test it out and see how it works with my site! Open-mouthed smile

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Taylor Made Children

I said earlier in the week that I had decided to go ahead and make Anthony and Katya’s three kids for the Sims 4. I also said I would put a post up about them during the week – well the week is now half way through so here is your post!

Rather than creating the kids from scratch, I decided to use the genetics button to see if I could get close approximations, Robyn and Sienna are really not far away from their Sims 2 versions (although as they weren’t yet adults, I’m afraid I have no Sims 2 comparison pic to show you). Reid is a different story however, as most of my Sims 2 time was spent with him as a child and he’d barely just turned teen when my playing stopped, I don’t have a lot to go on with his features. Instead I just rolled until I came across something that looked correct with Robyn and Sienna. So everything you see below for these 3 is CAS genetics at work (with the exception of Sienna’s hair which I’ll explain.)

In my Sims 2 hood, Anthony and Katya had 3 children, Robyn, Sienna and Reid. At the time I stopped playing my simmies, Robyn was just off to uni and the other two were teens however I most remember them as two teens and a child so that’s what I am going with. Let me introduce:

Robyn Taylor:


In my old game Robyn was quite a character. She inherited her mum’s confidence and self assurance but paired it with her dad’s laid back attitude. She’s her own girl and likes to show it in every way possible – she don’t care what you think about her. Her personality was 9, 10, 6, 6, 3 making her a very neat, outgoing, mean person who didn’t hate but didn’t like exercise and was neither overly playful nor overly serious – though like her parents, her mean side never really showed itself. She was well liked by the other teens but so laid back that she didn’t really care about trying to climb the social ladder, otherwise her vast number of friends would have made her a default pop sim. Instead she showed herself to be a knowledge sim and a bit of a geek, wanting to be a game designer, so her personality in Sim 4 is:

Aspiration: Knowledge – Computer Whiz

Traits: Self Assured and Geek

Sienna Taylor:


Sienna almost shares a personality point spread with her older sister (hers is 9, 10, 6, 7, 3 – so only one point different) and her personality is quite similar – she’s also very self assured and confident in social situations however she puts a little more importance on her relationships, particularly her family, I guess she inherited that from her parents. She and Robyn were thick as thieves growing up and she also doted on her younger brother, Reid, being much closer to him than Robyn ever was.

I also admit that I had to cheat her hair colour. In Sims 2 Sienna was a natural red head (and as it was why she was named Sienna I wasn’t going to give this up) but with two default CAS parents that wasn’t possible so it has been altered to be correct for her sim. Her personality is:

Aspiration: Family – Big Happy Family

Traits: Neat, Outgoing

Reid Taylor:


Reid is the youngest and a bit of a prankster, the joker of the family. He loved nothing more than cracking a joke or a prank on any unsuspecting person but everyone adored him for it – benefits of being the youngest in the family I guess. He’s not quite adapted to the fact that his family no longer lives in their huge 4 bedroom beachside home and is still dressed for the coast as, like his Dad, he was always a bit of a beachy type.

Aspiration: Social Butterfly (Will become Popularity – Joke Star on turning teen unless my game takes an unexpected turn).

Trait: Goofball.

So I hope you like the kids, I am extremely pleased with what the Sims 4 genetics machine gave me, even if it does appear that properly working colour genetics have not made a return. I hopefully don’t have too much more testing to do before I dump this lot in a hood and start playing them. My tester family are just onto Gen 3. I very much micromanaged my way through my starter sim and Gen 2 so I am keen to see what Gen 3 can do with a bit more free will and so far it’s rather interesting. I’m also really pleased to see the sims personalities are different between my generations and individuals again!

I plan to at least get Gen 3 to elder before moving onto my proper hood and starting the Taylors, just to give myself a bit more experience with kids and teens but with any luck that won’t take too much longer. As long as I can stop myself being distracted by building!

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Spring Bedroom and En Suite Bathroom

Just a very quick update! No, no story yet I am afraid but I am enjoying the game and have decided to go ahead with adding Anthony and Katya’s kids to the mix. I’ve already used the genetics system to create them and set their personalities, just need to get their clothes sorted. I’ll post an intro to them over the next week. For the moment, still using a tester family to make sure I have a decent-ish understanding of the game before I go ahead and start them – and glad I did, cos a couple of things have already baffled me!

But in the mean time, I was taking a snoopy look around the other empty houses in Willow Creek. Wanted to see what Maxis had given us for defaults so I know how much redesigning I might need to do and I was actually pleasantly surprised by at least some of the houses I looked at. Then I decided to take a look in the Spencer-Kim-Lewis household and came across that rather amazing looking cabinet in their dinning room – I was perplexed how to create this! So a quick word with a friend, she explained it all to me and I got a fabulous idea for a bedroom using those upper kitchen cabinets (yes, you read that right!). I ended up experimenting in the middle of my tester’s living room, which looked a bit strange, so after moving to an empty lot, a room (or indeed twin rooms if you will) were born! Please meet: Spring Bedroom

09-07-14_11-00 PM

09-08-14_12-09 AM

See – Kitchen cabinets also work as built in wardrobes!  I’m not as mad as you think I am Smile

And its sibling: Spring En Suite Bathroom

09-08-14_12-02 AM

Apologies for the walls down picture but it’s a bit difficult to get a decent picture in there!

Both are available to download from the gallery under my OriginID: sparklesim or by searching the hash tags #contemporary #green #relaxing – there is NoCC in these rooms.

Planning to use these in one of my hood houses as I really like them!

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The Sims 2 Townies Move to Sims 4

So you guys are aware that I’m in the UK right? And that we didn’t get the game till yesterday (sorry, I know, I’ve harped on about this enough LOL). Well as it happens, right as the game was released in the States, a fabulous (or not so fabulous depending on your attitude to the Sims 2 townies) idea popped into my head!

In my Sims 2 hood, I always regretted removing the default townies, after I while, I found myself wanting to know if any of them would have fallen for each other or any of my playables – so what was my fabulous idea I hear you cry? Ah ok, so you already read the title? Yep to bring those same townies into my Sims 4 game and I’ve spent all week while you lot were busy playing working on these guys to distract myself.

Yesterday I loaded them up to the gallery, so if you too are mad enough to want these trouble makers in your game, please visit my gallery page: sparklesim or search the hash tags: #sims2 #sims2townies #townies and in the case of the guys #goopy

And now I present, The Sims 4 Townies:


Goopy GilsCarbo – Surely the King of Sims 2 Townies! The guy everyone knew for his love of plaid (and legacy sims).

Goopy keeps his serial romantic aspiration with the romantic, lazy and outgoing traits added. You could switch lazy for goofball if you prefer. He might also have a slightly silly walk! Sorry but no plaid shorts in Sims 4 (outrage!)



Ben (Benjamin) Long – generally viewed as one of the better legacy breeding options but watch that profile!

Ben is a knowledgeable renaissance sim who likes to keep active, loves the outdoors but is a bit of a slob. Watch that nose doesn’t catch you in the eye!




Kennedy Kox – yes, I’ve spelt that wrong. Why? Because EA has banned the surname they originally gave him. You’ll need to add this manually if you want the proper Kennedy.

Kennedy was renowned for starting legacy fights so his personality is a Mansion wanting fortune sim who is ambitious, mean and just a little hot headed – watch out!



Komei Tellerman – He’s not really much better than Kennedy in the reputation department., which isn’t a surprise as he has the same personality point spread.

To keep them distinct, I took Komei’s interests into account. So he wants to be a public enemy, which his materialistic, mean and evil traits should help with.



Joe Carr – Good old Joe. Of the Sims 2 fortune sims, generally the nicest of them and not a bad catch for a legacy, though maybe not as well know as the above.

Joe wants nothing better than to swim in his huge pile of simoleons (watch the paper cuts – there’s no hospital in WC!) and is a good athletic sim with a bit of a perfectionist streak.



Amin Sims – Mr Popularity of the Sims 2. I never really had a problem with this guy though I believe some people did.

As the one and only pop sim amongst the Sims 2 townies, Amin had the job of being a friend to the world. His outgoing and self-assured traits will definitely come in handy while hosting dinner parties to satisfy his underlying foodie nature.




Brandon Lillard – have to be honest, don’t know much about him. He was a bit of a forgotten townie in the legacies I read – maybe he was shy?

Well that goes against his romancing tendencies as he’s also a serial romantic but along side the romantic and creative side he’s also a bit scared of commitment!



Last but not least, Abhijeet Deppiesse – Yes I have now written his surname enough times I should be able to spell it without looking it up – can I? No!

The last of our male townies is also a romance sim, but unlike the others, he just wants to find his soul mate. Can you help this goofy, romantic genius find his one true love in your hood?



So there’s your men, now for you ladies:


Marisa Bendett – If Goopy is the King, then Marissa is the Evil Queen! Think she’s got some good genetics for your legacy line? Think again!

With so many fortune sims already running around Marisa becomes a creative sim who wants to be a best selling author but definitely not of children’s books or love poetry! And she’d rather not read them either despite her bookworm trait.



Jan Tellerman – The Snow White of townies to Marisa’s Queen. A sweet personality and some good genetics for those legacy lines. If you couldn’t get Marylena the NPC, Jan was a good next choice!

Jan wants nothing more than to meet her soul mate. Though her love of solitude might get in the way, she is cheerful but also a bit of a glutton.

No relation to Komei by the way!



Andrea Hogan – she may break up happy homes on occasion but not the worst of sims to have in your hood.

She likes her moolah though and has the traits to go with it, as a neatfreak snob who likes the arts. Those who didn’t play Sims 2 must be wondering by now if there really are only two decent sims in this lot? 



Melissa Fancey – I’ve taken a bit of a liberty here as her hair is not in Sims 4 and the outfit is the same sort of style but a bit romanced up.

Yes ANOTHER romancer, so I’ve instead taken her interests into account. Komei already has the crime stuff down so Melissa is going into Gem ‘collecting’ helped by her materialistic, outdoor loving, perfectionist personality. 



Ivy Copur – One of the few Sims 2 sims that DID have decent genetics – Feel free to marry this one into the legacy unless you are doing an ugliacy!

Ivy was knowledge but skills have been re-routed into creativity in the form of painting. She loves art and is creative but also a bit of a slob so watch you don’t get paint on yourself!



Brandi LeTourneau – a few more liberties here as after creating her she just screamed out for freckles!

This one is also a bit of a sweetheart. She’s another knowledge sim, this time going for the computer whizz aspiration. She’s a genius geek who also likes to make sure everything is clean and tidy – no 7 day gaming sessions without a shower for her (although that might be all she does)!



Christy Stratton – Another pretty little thing and a family sim to boot! Apparently she wants to live vicariously through her children, maybe to root out that clumsy trait!

She wants a successful lineage although things could get messy all round with a clumsy sim who likes athletics and is a bit of a foodie. Prepare for trips to the non-existent hospital and make sure you hire a maid!


Marylena Hamilton – No, not the delivery NPC, the other one everyone forgets about!

She’s the second family sim in the bunch (the last is Sandy, but you REALLY wouldn’t want her as your matriarch anyway).

She wants a large loving family and her family orientated, cheerful persona should help with that, as long as her perfectionism doesn’t mess things up along the way!


And those are the townies of the Sims 2 – you decide if they are better or worse than those of the Sims 3 and Sims 4, but one thing is certain, they all had very real and very distinct personalities. [And before you ask, no, I haven’t forgotten Sandy Bruty! However there are 9 female townies in Sims 2 and only 8 slots so she will be joining as the guardian for the teens household if I get around to making them for my hood.]

I also want to apologise for any inaccuracies you spot! I was using the non-neutral pictures on the Sims 2 wiki to make most of these guys as there are very few large full face pictures of them on the internet (and I can’t reinstall my Sims 2 cos it doesn’t like my comp Sad smile )

Also, as anyone who played Sims 2 knows, all the townies in Sims 2 were taken from a group of 32  (I think!) set faces so occasionally some of them looked like identical twins. Where this is the case here (Benjamin, Kennedy and Amin / Marylena and Melissa) I’ve tried to make small tweaks to the facial structure to make them look at least slightly different while still obviously themselves.

In terms of there aspirations and personalities, these I have tried to take from a combination of their Sims 2 aspirations, their Sims 2 personalities, their interests (where these were listed on the Wiki) and where known, their legacy fan base personas. That is why some of these guys have personalities that weren’t even possible in Sims 2 (e.g. Komei’s dastardly aspiration).

I have to admit I am really pleased with how these guys turned out, especially Goopy, Kennedy, Komei, Marisa, Jan, Andrea and Brandi. Please do pop over to the gallery and pick them up, I’m really looking forward to seeing if I can get them into my hood and what mayhem they may cause.  Though as with Sims 2, these sims, or at least the men, come with a “DO NOT BREED!” warning!

Happy Simming!

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Growing Up the Taylor Way

[Apologies – this is a repost of the old post as the pictures became corrupted and wouldn’t show]

I didn’t want to get too carried away with the back story of Anthony and Katya as I can literally talk about my Sims 2 hood for hours but at least a couple of people have said they’d like to know a bit more about them. So here goes, a bit of backstory on how they grew up and met. I apologise for the quality of the pictures but this was about two computers ago when I couldn’t take high quality pictures (and Sims 2 snapshots were always small compared to 3 anyway). Also if you’re interested in some of the more general family back story you can find that here

Katya and Anthony were both born around the same time but are actually from different generations within the hood. Katya is actually a generation 5 sim while Anthony is generation 6 – when you get that far into a hood, the generations really start to overlap between the oldest in one family and the youngest in the next! Katya is also 4 days older. But they were both adorable toddlers – Anthony used to like dancing to the stereo (which was better than his brothers habbit of staring into the fishtank for hours on end!) While Katya was always daddy’s little girl and her father David doted on her (as did her older brother Sergei as you’ll see later).


Katya was always a very social little girl and the centre of their social group but that didn’t have any of the usual effects. She remained friendly and down to earth and always had time for everyone (little miss purple in the bottom right was the one you had to look out for).



And as I have said elsewhere her best friend was ALWAYS her older brother Sergei. They both adored each other and were very rarely seen apart. More often than not once they’d dealt with any skill or homework needs they were found hanging out with each other in the living room.



It wasn’t a surprise when Katya turned out to be a Family/Popularity sim and Anthony was even more a Family sim than his future wife. As a kid he was always joining his brother Jack at the creativity table.




As a teen nothing would please him more than to hang out with his youngest sister Silvia, even if she did ask him about the most awkward topics – Although scroll down and you’ll understand exactly why she’s asking!


And once his siblings grew up, nothing changed much except the activities – playing video games with Lauren was always an enlightening experience – but at least it meant he didn’t have to worry about those guys she liked to hang around with!


It’s not surprising that Silvia was asking about Anthony’s… cough cough… social activities? Nor that Lauren might perhaps have learnt from her older brother’s example. Yes he was a family sim but that means you have to branch out, experiment and find “the one” not just settle for the first person who comes along right? So Anthony was straight out the starting gate as soon as he grew up and for a while he did date Seren Hamilton (another family sim in case you were wondering!)

But by that point Katya had spotted Anthony and Katya decided she wanted Anthony, and while Katya is a nice girl, what Katya wants, Katya gets.

And come on, when you make best friends by kissing, that’s got to be a bit of a sign right?



Yes, Anthony actually kissed a girl twice! OMG! And while he is kinda laid back, there has to be that bit of an ego stroke having all these girls chasing after you…

And you just know that inside at this point, Katya’s just “OK girls, he’s mine now, back off!”



And if that didn’t get the message out, this certainly did! Anthony was officially off limits!




At least until he reached uni – cos you know, that whole relationship reset where teens can’t date young adults even if they’ve been in a relationship for… FOREVER because teens are 13 not 17 *sigh*.  So the other girls immediately started calling again but as you can see, this time Anthony wasn’t so keen to join in! And yeah, that’s Seren again in the bottom right, apparently she didn’t quite learn her lessons from last time.


So again, Katya had to show them all why Anthony was a no go area. She is quite a force to be reckoned with you know… I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with her, nice girl or not – these family sims get possessive you know! 




And eventually Katya realised that Anthony was maybe just a little too laid back (or maybe just uncertain?) to take that final step and so she decided to take the initiative and get a little bit non-traditional.



Their wedding however was anything except non-traditional. Being amongst the oldest families in the hood, the Taylors had one of those advantages that often comes of such situations: MONEY! And they went all out on the wedding of these two. Hired an outdoor location, invited the entire family and +1s, all their friends, and even some passers by off the street were invited in.

The wedding had everything you could want: The vows, the kiss, the cake and the older brother who threatens to kill the groom if he hurts his little sister.

It also had the dad dancing, the drunk dancing, the drunk relative pretending to DJ and the family bust ups! But a good day was had by all, Katya finally replaced LeTourneau for Taylor and everyone was ready for the next generation! The next generations of sims in the Sims 4!

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Hello people!

Welcome to my blog which I will be using to record all my Sims 4 simmies’ lives. I plan to play them on a freewill rotation as I did in Sims 2 and let them do there own thing where possible – get to know their personalities and retell how their lives go rather than write a scripted story. I found in Sims 2 this often resulted in some pretty crazy antics!

Much like everyone else, I have already created the two sims I want to use to start my hood and I have posted an intro to them which you will find here (and on the Sims forum).

It might take a while to get the first post up after the game releases as I won’t be starting with them straight away simply because I want to get a feel for how the game works – I don’t want to completely mess things up by, um, I don’t know, having one of them die from hysteria before their first kid arrives? That sounds about right.

Because I play a rotation other families will eventually be joining in so things may get a little complex and a little crazy but I hope the navigation tools at the top will help you stay orientated! For those who fancy some extra info, the top menu will take you to some back story for my founding Sims 2 family and how I play. There is also a bit about my simming history. I’ll be adding a family tree and updating the contents as I go and I’m open to any other suggestions you guys think would be helpful/fun so feel free to leave a comment and suggest something else Smile

Please come join me as I get to know these new sims and their (hopefully weird!) stories!


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Meet the Taylors

So time to meet the sims who will be starting my hood. As I said these two came from my Sims 2 game, so I am including their Sims 2 reference pics. They also have 3 children in the Sims 2 (1 at uni and 2 teens when I stopped playing) however I haven’t yet decided if I want to recreate them or not, and it’s currently a non issue since I can’t create them even if I wanted to! If I do create them, it will be as 2 teens and a child.

Anyway, you don’t care about possibly non-existent children do you? You want to know about the existing sims! So I now present to you:

Anthony Taylor!

Anthony Taylor

Anthony in the Sims 2 was a Family/Knowledge sim with a 9, 9, 5, 7, 3 personality (for those of you who still remember what that means…. for those who don’t, it basically means he was a neat freak, outgoing, sort of active, rather playful meanie.) But in reality his personality was very different. He grew up in a beach side house which influenced both his personality and style – he was EXTREMELY laid back; if carefree had been a personality trait instead of a satisfaction trait, he would have had it! He was also very close to his 3 siblings, Jack, Lauren and Silvia and seemed to always look out for them. As a child I would often find him playing or hanging out with them. He had a large number of close friends and his meanness never seemed to express itself.  His Sims 4 personality is therefore:

  • Aspiration: Family (the big happy kind!)
  • Family orientated (What else?)
  • Cheerful (to try to capture that laid back attitude)
  • Love the Outdoors (what else for a sim raised by the coast?)



And his wife: Katya (Ekaterina) Taylor!

Ekaterina Taylor

Katya is Anthony’s soulmate. They’ve been together so long I actually forgot they’d ever dated other people as teens until I looked back through their pictures. Unlike Anthony, Katya can be driven when she wants to be, as a teen she set her sights on Anthony and no one else was going to get in her way. She maxed most skills despite not being knowledge and achieved top grades in everything (primary school, secondary school and uni!). In Sims 2 she was also a family sim but her secondary was popularity and her personality for those in the know was 6, 10, 3, 4, 3 (for those who never played 2, can’t leave you out! that means moderately neat, VERY outgoing, kinda lazy, slightly more serious than playful and slightly mean).  Like Anthony her meanness never showed itself and she had an easy time making friends – possibly due to the combination of her outgoing and serious aspects. She was the kid EVERYONE wanted to be friends with but who was nice to everyone back. However her closest friend was always her older brother Sergei – hence her primary aspiration!

Her personality in 4 is therefore:

  • Aspiration: Family (again the big loving kind)
  • Family orientated (well…. what else did you expect?)
  • Self Assured (because she knows she’s top dog!)
  • Outgoing (got to get that social in there somewhere!)

Aspirations Katya

As I said, I may yet create their kids, but I haven’t made up my mind. It will depend very much how much of a learning curve I want the game to have for me (it might be easier to start with 2 teens and a kid than have however many babies running around – knowing my luck these two would have triplets straight off the bat!)

Again for those who are interested in that sort of thing, I plan to post a little bit of their backstory using the pictures of them I have from Sims 2 (though not too much!) so if you are interested follow along either here or on the forums for updates. I hope to have that up in a couple of days and though I will be sitting jealously watching everyone else play the game from Tuesday!

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