Rooms and Houses

If you are wondering where you can find information on all my rooms and house uploads, you have come to the right place!

So first – and most important for those of you who want to download – my OriginID is sparklesim. All of my Sims 4 uploads are under this name. Below is a main pic of each room, its name all searchable hashtags and the details you want to know regards price and size. If you want to see more pics, click the main pic to be taken to that downloads info page. Enjoy!


Spring Master Bedroom

  • Room Type: Bedroom
  • Size: 8×6
  • Price: §11,470
  • #contemporary #green #relaxing
  • Matching en suite available


Spring En Suite Bathroom

  • Room Type: Bathroom
  • Size: 4×2
  • Price: §2,671
  • #contemporary #green #relaxing
  • Matching bedroom available


Loft Living Bedroom

  • Room Type: Bedroom
  • Size: 12×6
  • Price: §20, 548 – Sorry but you won’t be getting this in your starter home
  • OriginID: Sparklesim
  • #loft #red #black #modern #industrial
  • Matching open plan kitchen and living area


Loft Living Open Plan

  • Room Type: Open plan kitchen/Diner and living room (Search under kitchen on the gallery)
  • Size: 8×14
  • Price: §56,185
  • OriginID: Sparklesim
  • #loft #red #black #modern #industrial
  • Matching bedroom


A Study in Contrast

  • Room Type: Study
  • Size: 5×6
  • Price: §8,605
  • #orange #aqua #modern #bright #colourful

I love getting your feedback, comments and encouragement so please go ahead and say something :)

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